We serve breakfast Monday through Friday from 7am to 10:30am and Saturdays from 8am to 2pm.

<BREAKFAST MENUhomemade pastries and stumptown coffee

Breakfast Scrambles

Served with your choice of toast or a biscuit, plus fruit or baby greens.
#1 – Heirloom tomatoes, basil, feta and parsley $13.50
#2 – Chorizo, roasted peppers and queso Mahon $13.50
add heirloom tomatoes $2

Super Huevos Rancheros $12.95

Two corn tortillas topped with two fried eggs, sauteed super greens, spicy salsa, sliced avocado and cilantro

Sunny Bowl $11.50

Corn, greens, grilled summer squash, roasted peppers and cabbage with quinoa and an olive oil fried egg. Substitute avocado to make it vegan!

Homemade Granola $8.50 

We toast oats and whole almonds with honey and then add lots of plump dried apricots, cherries and cranberries. Served with milk or non-fat yogurt. [add banana +$1.25, sub organic almond milk +$1]

Seasonal Breakfast Parfait $8.95

Annie’s favorite cereal blend [oats, walnuts, flax, sesame and a bunch of other good stuff], layered with delicious fresh fruits and compotes, and goat milk yogurt

Old-Fashioned Oatmeal $8.25
Made to order just for you. Served with brown sugar, raisins and steamed milk on the side. Please allow extra time for this item, as we make each bowl from scratch. [add almonds or walnuts + .75, add banana or pure maple syrup +$1.25, sub organic almond milk +$1]

Quiche with Salad $10.50 los angeles breakfast

Your choice of the day’s quiche, served warm with a green salad and cornichons.

Clementine Breakfast Sandwich $8.95

Our flaky homemade buttermilk biscuit with a poached egg, melted cheddar cheese and Tennessee country ham.

Breakfast Bagel $8.95

Your choice of bagel, toasted, with a poached egg, melted cheddar cheese and applewood-smoked bacon.

Annie’s Kickstarter $8.95

Fried egg whites, pickled red chili, avocado and basil on wholegrain toast.

Two Poached Eggs $10.95

Served with fresh fruit and rustic toast or a hot buttermilk biscuit. [add bacon or Tennessee country ham +$2]

Two Hot Buttermilk Biscuits with Peach Butter $6.50

You’ll swoon when you try our flaky biscuits and peach butter. We roast peaches with honey and combined them with creamy butter. Of course you can always substitute raspberry preserves and creamy White Gold honey if peaches aren’t your thing (though we might question your sanity).

European Breakfast $11.95

Pecan-raisin and rustic toasts, served with triple creme cheese, fresh fruit and preserves

House-Cured Gravlax $16.95

Served with cream cheese, caperberries, red onion and a toasted bagel of your choice

Eggs Benedict [Saturday only] $14.95 Eggs Benedict - Brunch

Two poached eggs with Tennessee country ham and velvety hollandaise on a toasted English muffin, served with an arugula salad.


[plain, poppy, sesame, everything, whole wheat]

Bagel on its own $2
Toasted with butter and jam $3
Toasted with cream cheese and jam $4

sub Rising Hearts Gluten-Free Bagels 

[plain, everything]   add $1.50 

On the Side

Applewood-Smoked Bacon or Shaved Tennessee Country Ham $4
Seasonal Fruit Salad $5.25/10.50

Basket of scones and apple turnoversMuffins, scones, etc.

Apricot-Ginger Scone $4 
Strawberry Scone $4
Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffin $4
Gluten-Free Banana Chocolate Muffin $4.25
Gluten-Free Whole-Grain Muffin with Plump Dried Cherries $4
Raspberry Corn Muffin $4
Banana Bread with Walnuts $3.50
Zucchini Bread $3.50
Moravian Sugar Bread $3.50
Apple Turnover $4.95
Cinnamon Roll with Brown Butter Icing - plain or w/raisins [Saturday only] $5.25

Savory Pastries

Mini Buttermilk Biscuit with Tennessee Country Ham $1.50 
Quiche [mushroom-scallion/bacon-leek/
spinach-feta] $6.25



Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice $4.95/6.95
Homemade Chai with your choice of milk or soy $4/4.75
Homemade Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows $4.95/5.95

Stumptown Coffee & Tea

House Blend Brewed Coffee $3.25/3.50
Au Lait $3.75/4.25
Latte $4.65/5.15 Best Blueberry Muffin
Cappuccino $4.25/4.75
Café Mocha made with our homemade hot chocolate $4.95/5.50
Iced Coffee $4
Iced Latte $4.75
Iced Cappuccino $5.15
Iced Mocha $5
Americano $4
Espresso (single) $3
Organic Loose Leaf Teas $3.75 [Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Emerald Green, Peppermint (caffeine-free), Chamomile (caffeine-free)]